Dear Reader,

In spite of the many tools available to help us communicate, as a society we seem to be more torn apart than ever.

Jenny, a friend who works at a nearby university, told me that when students come into the office, they often phone-text to announce their arrival. Jenny ignores these beeps on her phone. When the students finally walk the 10 feet of distance from the entrance to her office and ask, “Didn’t you get my text?” Jenny responds, “I’m here in person. We are supposed to be talking face-to-face.”

If you are a baby boomer like me, you probably easily understand what Jenny is saying. New generations seem to be wired to iPhones, laptops, and tablets to an extreme. Despite our differences, we do share the same basic human needs: the desire to matter, to fulfill our dreams, and to leave a positive footprint on this planet. Connecting with each other affirms our own senses of worth, self-confidence, and empowers us to move forward.

So I am establishing this blog as a means for us to be up-close and personal. Join me. Let’s raise the volume of our voices. Hop on, and share your ideas, emotions, and artistry of your spirits.

Yours, Debby

“Life’s hilarious moments come from making mistakes. Who cares? It’s laughter and stories that make the journey worth it.” —Gina Barreca


My posts are real . . . they’re sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but mostly, and best of all, they’re mine.

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“Because telling your story—while being witnessed with loving attention by others who care—may be the most powerful medicine on earth.” —Lissa Rankin, M.D.


Share your story, your opinion, your laughter . . . bright, dark, sardonic, or silly—this is your post!

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