Alamo Cult Newspapers Still Circulating

Tony Alamo Newspapers Still Being Printed and Distributed

Newspapers for the Tony Alamo “Christian” Ministries are still be produced, printed and circulated. These were found under car windshield wipers in Lexington, Kentucky in December, 2015.

Think cults are a thing of the past?

Well, just 3 months ago, in December, 2015, these newspapers were stuffed under the windshield wipers of hundreds of cars in a Lexington, Kentucky parking lot. Children distribute these flyers under cover of darkness and the task constitutes one of their few opportunities to see the world outside the cult.

I fear out of sight, out of mind with these cults, and since Alamo’s arrest and conviction in 2008, people might suppose that the cult was disbanded and ceases to function. Not true, as evinced by these fresh papers. Alamo has several wives who are allowed to visited him in prison and he still wields great power from behind bars. And Alamo cult newspapers are still circulating, trying to recruit new blood.

Please, if anyone interested is out there and has anything to share, please do! You can private message me on Facebook (here), or post to this site and you don’t have to use your real names. We just want exposure on this ever present scourge to our children and our society.