Tiffanie Irwin and Word of Life Christian Church

Cults are real, nearer than we think, some calling themselves churches. May 30, 2016 People magazine reported a story about two children beaten – one to death – by their parents and church leaders. The “church” is the Word of Life Christian Church, well documented as having all the trappings of a high-demand cult. The magazine reports that nine … [Read more...]


Alamo Cult Newspapers Still Circulating

Tony Alamo Newspapers Still Being Printed and Distributed

Think cults are a thing of the past? Well, just 3 months ago, in December, 2015, these newspapers were stuffed under the windshield wipers of hundreds of cars in a Lexington, Kentucky parking lot. Children distribute these flyers under cover of darkness and the task constitutes one of their few opportunities to see the world outside the cult. I … [Read more...]

Whispering in the Daylight Manuscript

Debby Schriver Whispering in the Daylight

My manuscript Whispering in The Daylight, edited by none other than Hillel Black. Here's what he said about it: “... I read with horror, anguish and relief—horror caused by the unspeakable behavior of Tony Alamo and his cohorts, anguish for the way he made these children and others suffer and relief that they were able to escape from the literal as … [Read more...]

On The Shootings in Oregon

On The Oregon Shootings

I remember my grandmother telling about the “olden days” and being charmed and fascinated by the simplicity of her life. Everything went a bit slower, and people socialized on their porches. Now in the age category of baby boomers, I have caught myself in conversations of similar themes. “The world used to be a safer place.” When we were kids, … [Read more...]

Kimmy Schmidt, It’s Been A Fascinating Transition

Kimmy waves goodbye to Jacqueline after a triumphant end to Richard Wayne Gary Wayne's trial.

Kimmy Schmidt, It's Been A Fascinating Transition Power. Believability. Image. Or let's put that another way: Image. Believability. Power. Three things, each flowing from the other. The better you are at crafting your image, the more people believe in you, and the greater power you have. All three profound motivators, all of them ruling each of … [Read more...]

Kimmy Schmidt Rides a Bike

Jon Hamm plays the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne

Let me talk for a minute about absurdity. When I watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, mostly I see absurdity. Ridiculousness writ large in the people and experiences of Kimmy’s daily life. And it’s easy to write it off as a construction planned out as a platform for comedy. In episode 11, “Kimmy Rides a Bike,” we are shown a series of spectacularly … [Read more...]

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Episode 10

Logan Beakman

I'm Not a Crack Whore, I'm Kimmy Sometimes we find ourselves in a pickle. Circumstances coalesce such that we are in situations we didn't ask for, and don't necessarily want. Episode 10 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is like that. Kimmy finds herself in a love triangle that she didn't ask for and now must navigate. Xan finds herself collateral … [Read more...]

Kimmy Schmidt: Episode 9, or, Baby You’re A Firework

Logan Beekman

Baby, You’re A Firework Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, floating through the wind, one blow from caving in? I do. So does Kimmy. And in fact, not one person in episode 9 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt isn't in flux, tumult, or otherwise on the brink. We begin the episode aware that Kimmy is about the celebrate her 30th birthday. We find … [Read more...]

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Episodes 6, 7 & 8. Even trust can blossom in the recreated cult survivor.

Kimmy and Jacqueline in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Episode 8

Even Trust Can Blossom in the Recreated Cult Survivor Kimmy Schmidt is making strides. Episode 5 left us with an epiphany: normal doesn't exist. Between Cindy's visit in episode 5 and the Buh-Breezing, outside-in lifestyles exhibited in episode 4, the takeaway is to quit trying to be normal by other people's standards, and work on the person YOU … [Read more...]