From Lulu

MediaSharePicI’m at a stage in my life that allows me the luxury of reflection. It’s like having your car on cruise control while traveling an empty highway surrounded by the most gorgeous scenery you can imagine, marveling at the beauty around you.

If you were to ask me what was the single most influential element in my life I would tell you…fear! I think the absence of fear is why I am now able to enjoy and celebrate this place on my journey. And what was the single most important value I spent my life praying for and pursuing? Courage!

Maybe it’s the same for men but I believe women, especially women of my generation are driven by fear…fear of not being loved and fear of economic deprivation…plain and simple. Maybe it’s OK to be motivated by fear and to seek to be courageous. Maybe this is the universal truth. Maybe finding ways to live your courage in a way that’s meaningful to you and beneficial to others is making the best possible use of your short time in this universe.